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Graduate Fellowships

Applications for Brady Graduate Fellowships due March 1, 2016

Patrick Awuah, founder of Ashesi University, at Tea with Bradys on January 28

Patrick Awuah, African-born, American-educated, software design engineer and program manager at Microsoft who left the American dream to return to Ghana, and educate the next generation of African leaders.

Brady Social, Senior Project Showcase

On February 1 the Brady community gathered for dinner, conversation and a candid discussion with Seniors who shared wisdom and advice about making a collaborative project work.


Brady Tea: The Ethics of Lying

Thursday, February 11, 3:30 PM
It is commonly believed that lying is permissible in certain cases. For example, most people will agree that one can permissibly lie to a Nazi soldier in order to prevent him from discovering and murdering a hidden Jewish family. But that is a very unusual and extreme case. What about cases of lying from our everyday lives? Gerald Dworkin has recently argued that "the number and types of permissible lies are much wider than one might have thought." To support his case, he considers a series of ten lies. In this week's tea, we'll have a discussion about the ethics of lying. When is it wrong to lie? What makes lying wrong (when it is wrong)? What is the definition of lying? We've created a survey in order to find out what people in the Brady community think about Dworkin's ten cases. If you would like to attend this week's tea, please fill out the survey here: