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Brady Lecture Series, Reception to Welcome Brady Class of 2019

David Killoren presented three issues in practical philosophy: Food, Prudence and Charity on April 25, 28 and May 2. A reception to honor Debbie and Larry Brady and the incoming class of Brady Scholars followed the third and final lecture.


Brady Tea

Thursday, May 26, 3:03 PM
"Genetic Editing: Where do we draw the line?" The field of biotechnology is transforming the way we make medicines, energy, and food. Enabled by the development of recombinant DNA technology and the sequencing of the human genome in the late 20th century, countless new therapies for serious illnesses have been developed. However, up until this point people have only speculated on the possibilities of modifying human DNA or altering our environment on a global scale. By re-purposing biological systems, scientists have developed a new way to edit DNA called CRISPR-Cas9. This new technology makes editing genomes of almost any species faster, easier, and safer than ever before. This new tool makes what used to be science fiction into feasible realities. With new advancements coming faster and faster, the scientific community, citizens, and regulatory bodies have called for discussions of the ethical implications of these technologies. Should genomic editing of human embryos be allowed, and if so in what cases? Should we seek to edit DNA of invasive or dangerous species such as mosquitoes? Who should make these decisions?