Faculty Advisory Board

Richard Kraut, Brady Program Director, Weinberg College, Philosophy

Richard Kraut

Richard Kraut is the Charles and Emma Morrison Professor in the Humanities. He holds appointments in the Departments of Philosophy and Classics. Having received his Ph.D. from Princeton University, he taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago before moving to Northwestern in 1995.  His interests include contemporary moral and political philosophy, as well as the ethics and political thought of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Outside of academia, he tries his hand at the piano and tennis, and enjoys novels, plays, opera, and chamber music.

Professor Kraut will be on leave during Academic Year 2016-2017.

Kyla Ebels-Duggan, Weinberg College, Philosophy

Kyla Ebels-Duggan

Kyla Ebels-Duggan is Associate Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy.  She works on issues in moral and political philosophy.  Recently, some of her work has focused on the intersection of these areas with questions in the philosophy of education.  She is interested in how to understand the interaction between our responsibility for children we raise and their responsibility for themselves, where to locate authority and responsibility for communicating value commitments to the next generation, the sense in which parents and educators ought to aim to foster autonomy, and the role of articulating reasons in moral education and development.  She is also interested in the implications of the answers to these questions for broader issues in moral psychology, value theory, and political philosophy. 

Professor Ebels-Duggan will serve as Interim Director while Professor Kraut is on leave.

Adam Goodman, Center for Leadership Director

Adam Goodman

Adam Goodman directs Northwestern University’s Center for Leadership, which offers academic and applied leadership development programs for undergraduate students, Ph.D. students and high potential staff. He’s a faculty member and teaches leadership courses in the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science and also teaches leadership coaching in the Kellogg School of Management and teamwork and decision making in the School of Communication. Goodman is founder of Catapult, a spin-off from his research building a data intensive enterprise-wide web portal for leadership, coaching and teamwork assessment. 

In addition to Catapult, his current projects include the development of 6 Leadership Questions® (an assessment and learning tool) and training programs for leadership coaching.  An active consultant today and for over 25 years, he has advised over 100 CEOs, senior officers, executive teams and boards of directors and given hundreds of invited speeches and workshops in the United States and around the world.

Goodman earned a Masters Degree in management and a Ph.D. in leadership from the Graduate School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado, where he was a Presidential Fellow.

Sara Monoson, Weinberg College, Political Science, Classics

Sara Monoson

Sara Monoson is Professor of Political Science and Classics and Director of the Graduate Classics Cluster. She is the author of Plato’s Democratic Entanglements: Athenian Politics and the Practice of Philosophy (2000) which was awarded the 2001 Foundations Book Prize by the American Political Science Association for the Best First Book in Political Theory. Her research interests include Greek political theory in historical context and classical reception studies, especially the history of appropriations of Greek philosophers in American political discourse (e.g., about abolition, war and peace, labor and industry, cold war, civil rights, education). She is currently working on two projects, Socrates in the Vernacular, a study of the figure of Socrates in 20th century popular media in the US, Canada and Greece, and Socrates in Combat, an account of the significance Plato attaches to military service and return in his theory of justice and in his portrait of Socrates’ distinctiveness. 

Mark Sheldon, Weinberg College, Philosophy

Mark Sheldon

Mark Sheldon is Assistant Dean in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, Distinguished Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, and also has an appointment in the Medical Ethics and Humanities Program, Feinberg School of Medicine. He received his PhD from Brandeis University, where he was awarded a Sachar Fellowship to study at Oxford University. Since 1986 he has served as an ethics consultant at Rush University Medical Centerin Chicago. Formerly a member of the Committee on Philosophy and Medicine of the American Philosophical Association, he is currently co-editor of the APA’s Newsletter on Philosophy and Medicine. He also served as a member of the Task Force on Genetics for the Illinois Humanities Council.